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Tin box enthusiasts: collecting 'feelings' and 'memories'

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In our life, anything we use in our daily life, as long as we do it to the extreme, has the value of collection. And a Belgian woman, because she particularly likes the tinplate box, has spent decades searching for tinplate boxes from all over the world. The number of tinplate boxes is enough to open a small museum.

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This woman is Yvette Dardenne from Belgium, according to her own introduction, has a unique hobby since she was a child, that is, she has a special passion for all kinds of tins. The modeling and printing design of tins make her obsessed. So in the next 25 years, she went all over the world to tin box factories and iron box packaging exhibitions and collected all kinds of tins. At Yvette Dardenne's home, the reporter saw that her collection of tin boxes had been placed all over the room. The tin boxes were arranged in three layers, orderly and orderly.

And it is worth mentioning that Yvette Dardenne has been listed in the Guinness Book of world records for her collection of various and numerous tin boxes, which is the ultimate collection.
In Yvette Dardenne's eyes, each tin box is a beautiful artwork. She hopes that others can share her happiness and feel the beauty of the tin box, so she opens her collection to tourists for exhibition. This small room full of tin boxes has also become a small museum.


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