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Advantages of paper box packing

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With the gradual growth of the packaging and printing industry, various kinds of gift box products enter the market, which makes the packaging market prosperous. The paper box packaging is a more mainstream modern packaging method. Unique and creative product packaging can not only improve the quality of gifts, but also play a protective role in products. For clothing and food products, paper boxes are used. The advantages of paper boxes are as follows:

1. Ornamental

Many packaging manufacturers pay too much attention to whether the package is good-looking and can attract the attention of customers, but they will ignore the actual use of the package itself. If the packaging quality is not good and the quality is not good, it is easy to cause damage to the product. The appearance design of the packaging is like the clothes of the product. With the packaging, the performance of the product can be improved. The paper box not only has a variety of materials to choose from, but also has extensive and profound research on the technology, which brings people a strong appreciation.

2. Waterproof type

If it is a kind of clothing product, the perfect packaging should have the function of protecting the product. The paper box packaging can better protect the product from collision damage and better preservation. The paper box can be covered with film, waterproof and pleated less.

3. Color variability

Using multi-color printing on the surface of the paper box, we can customize a variety of patterns according to the customer's requirements, such as retro style, elegant and natural style, pure natural green and environmental protection style, luxurious red, calm and dignified black.

paper boxes are the way that most people express their products in modern times. Clothing products with paper boxes are much larger as a whole. Moreover, those with high ornamental value can be folded and recycled after use, reducing the floor space.

Xihong packaging also has rich experience in the design and printing of paper boxes. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to create a win-win situation. If you want to know more about paper boxes, please contact us and design satisfactory works for you.





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