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Introduction to metal packaging

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Metal packaging is an important part of the world's packaging industry. Its output value accounts for about 27% of the world's packaging industry. It mainly provides packaging services for food, can, beverage, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Metal packaging container refers to the thin-walled packaging made of metal sheet. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging, arms packaging and other aspects. In addition, cosmetics and drugs also account for a certain proportion.

In metal packaging, tinplate packaging is the main one. With the continuous improvement and improvement of tinplate printing technology and processing technology, tinplate packaging is more and more widely used.

The reason why metal packaging containers are widely used is that they have many unique advantages: compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, the strength of metal containers is large, and the rigidity is good, not easy to crack. Compared with any other materials, metal sheet has excellent barrier, gas resistance, moisture resistance, light shielding, fragrance retention, and reliable sealing, which can better protect the product. The metal material has good printing performance, bright and beautiful design trademark, and the packaging container made by it is attractive, which is a kind of excellent sales package. Metal containers can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as circle, ellipse, square, horseshoe, trapezoid, etc., which not only meet the packaging needs of different products, but also make the packaging containers more varied and promote sales.

Metal packaging products can be divided into tin products, tin cans, aerosol cans (tinplate made of exquisite medical cans, pesticide cans, cosmetics cans, etc.), food cans (cans, liquid or solid food cans, etc.) and various bottle caps (crown caps, unscrewing caps, aluminum anti-theft caps). In addition, there are chemical buckets made of 1-18l tinplate and 20-200l steel buckets made of cold rolled plate and zinc plate.

Xihong packaging has a strong production capacity of tin cans. The Makou tin cans manufacturing equipment has about 46 imported and domestic full-automatic or semi-automatic production lines of various models, with a daily production capacity of 1.5 million tin cans.

At present, the metal packaging market in the world is in the trend of oversupply, but from the analysis of per capita consumption, there is still much room for development. The annual consumption of beverage cans in the world is 110 billion cans, and the per capita consumption is less than 8 cans, which shows the huge market prospect.

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