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Aluminium Jar

Aluminum Jar With Screw Cap 5mL 10mL 30mL 50mL 60mL 80mL 100mL 120mL 150mL 180mL Round Silver Cosmetic Lid Tin Box Container Can

The following prices are for reference only. Please contact us for the details.

Size: Retail Price(MOQ: 0)
5mL(Silvery: Dia26*15mm) 0.16 USD/pc
10mL(Silvery: Dia35*18mm) 0.18 USD/pc
15mL(Silvery: Dia40*18mm) 0.18 USD/pc
20mL(Silvery: Dia40*20mm) 0.18 USD/pc
25mL(Silvery: Dia48*18mm) 0.19 USD/pc
30mL(Silvery: Dia52*20mm) 0.19 USD/pc
40mL(Silvery: Dia57*23mm) 0.21 USD/pc
50mL(Silvery: Dia57*27mm) 0.22 USD/pc
60mL(Silvery: Dia68*25mm) 0.22 USD/pc
80mL(Silvery: Dia68*35mm) 0.25 USD/pc
100mL(Silvery: Dia83*28mm) 0.30 USD/pc
120mL(Silvery: Dia68*42mm) 0.31 USD/pc
120mL(Silvery: Dia65*50mm) 0.38 USD/pc
150mL(Silvery: Dia83*38mm) 0.30 USD/pc
180mL(Silvery: Dia80*50mm) 0.44 USD/pc
200mL(Silvery: Dia92*45mm) 0.45 USD/pc
250mL(Silvery: Dia75*70mm) 0.79 USD/pc
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